Business Philosophy


Cherish employees Create value

Organizing various professional education and training
Festive activities, pleasant workplace and body and mind
All staff R&D awards: committed to process and product design improvement and growth
Professional and Management Training Program

Made in green

Environmental protection enterprise: no waste water pollution, energy-saving building design, garbage sorting and recycling, and greening of 1/2 of the factory area.
Intelligent design: All equipment and products adopt energy-saving and intelligent design, and use lead-free and non-polluting components to reduce carbon emissions.
Plant temperature and humidity monitoring: improve product efficiency.

Respect customers Professional Support

Customers include government agencies, schools at all levels, cultural centers, scientific research units and various professional technology industries in industry
Respect customer professionalism, solve customer needs, and create win-win value for growth
Regularly organize new products and new technologies to publish, study and exhibit
Fully provide pre-sale and after-sale related information and value-added services

Resource recycling and recycling, rewarding meritorious personnel

1/2 of the factory area is green, non-toxic, friendly and ecological

Bossmen team organization