Bossmen official document file management and image scanning professional services

With the passage of time, the preservation method of official documents may be converted from heavy paper files to electronic e-archives, or documents worthy of preservation and collection will be displayed after professional design and planning. We provide official document management and image scanning professional services. The best choice for agencies and schools at all levels to keep a large number of files.
An old photo, a familiar and unfamiliar name of the principal, a corner of the campus, walking in the school history room or wandering in the digital school history, so that the children in the school have the opportunity to know the school, and also leave a message for the graduate alumni or staff An opportunity to follow and reminisce the growth trajectory.

The establishment of the school history room does not need to be limited by the length of the school's establishment. The school community is a living building under the interaction of people, time and space. It includes tangible changes and growth tracks, such as characters, buildings, school flags, school motto, school song, award records, and even It is the student uniform; it also includes the invisible special culture: the thoughts of the characters, the school atmosphere, the ceremony or the school call. Whether tangible or intangible, valuable culture should be preserved so that the culture can continue to be passed on.