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The collection of cultural relics is the most important job for museums, cultural relics exhibition halls or private collectors. The reasons for the destruction of cultural relics include: physical destructive force (earthquake, improper handling by personnel, vibration of drawers...), fire, water damage (flooding or water leakage) ), crime, pests (rodents or insects), pollution (dust or gas), light and UV damage, incorrect temperature, incorrect humidity, caretaker negligence (lost, misplaced, mixed collection).

The warehouse is designed from the perspective of cultural relic protection and classification management. The cultural relics are all the same in terms of type, material, size and weight, and the degree of deterioration and preservation is also different. The warehouse planning of the museum involves not only the construction of hardware, but also the implementation of software such as various cultural relics collection and protection concepts. Bossmen has a professional and full-time cultural relics collection, packaging and handling team. We have rich experience in providing cultural relics shelf and counter planning, as well as warehouse risk factor control equipment and measures, such as temperature and humidity control monitoring, cultural relics packaging protection, dust filtration , light pollution control and fire, flood monitoring, pest control, anti-theft and earthquake-proof safety planning, cultural relics moving line and equipment planning, etc., are our strengths. We have hundreds of professional warehouses and archives. You can easily have the most professional collection warehouse and the most convenient cultural relic search system.

A good collection cabinet design is the first step in the protection and management of cultural relics. A good warehouse and carrier design is an important key to cultural relics protection and cultural relic management. Because cultural relics are different in size, size and required environmental conditions for preservation, the method and environment in which they are placed are also different. Therefore, a space and vehicle design that can protect and manage cultural relics is very important. At present, some cultural relic managers are often troubled by unsuitable warehouses and vehicles because of lack of information acquisition, or manufacturers do not have professional knowledge about the characteristics of cultural relics. Bossmen has solved many warehouse and vehicle problems over the years. In the design of warehouses and vehicles, our first priority is safety, including the selection of pest-proof materials, ergonomic dimensions and indexing methods when picking up, and in the design of warehouses and vehicles. Under the condition of limited space, plan the most appropriate and maximum placement quantity. In addition, we will also take into account the special geographical environment and climate such as earthquakes or areas with high salt or sulfur, and overcome the unfavorable factors in space.

Bossmen has many years of professional collection management, including experience in environmental design and monitoring of collections and exhibitions, and has served many museums and private collectors. Our professional team provides the following services:

Warehouse construction: including temperature and humidity monitoring, inventory storage system, fire protection system, monitoring system, light source design and warehouse transportation route planning


Humidity host

Ordinary users will pay attention to the temperature and humidity control of cultural relics warehouses, but often ignore the environment for displaying cultural relics. The Boshimen constant humidity host can be installed inside each form of display cabinet, and the humidity can be set according to the humidity preservation specifications of cultural relics to control the micro environment. The clean air and constant humidity space with 100% implementation of [over-humidification and dehumidification] and [over-dry humidification] can ensure the safety of cultural relics during the display process.

Temperature and humidity control panel

Bissmen recording temperature and humidity monitoring panel is divided into [dual display temperature and humidity panel and lighting switch control - wireless and wired dual-purpose network version], [dual display temperature and humidity panel and lighting switch control - wired network version], [Dual display temperature and humidity panel-wireless and wired dual-purpose network version], [dual display temperature and humidity panel-wired network version], which can meet the needs of permanent exhibitions or special exhibitions that need to be moved to carry out different configurations. Humidity control status for each artefact.
  • Safe collection warehouse construction: the protection base for collections, do not do projects that are bound to regret

  • Safe storage system planning: Design the best anti-insect, anti-light pollution and anti-vibration cabinets according to the characteristics of the collection, space and budget

Comparison of pest control methods:

Insect removal methodChemical pest controlCryogenic freezing methodVacuum HypoxiaAtmospheric pressure and low oxygen deworming bagSimple hypoxia chamber
problem pointsThe problem of toxic residues is bad for people and cultural relics

(1) High power consumption

(2) The volume of the working space is limited

(3) The temperature recovery time and repeated freezing are long, and there are artificial operation problems.

(4) Insecticides are not suitable for fiber products with gold wire and wood materials

(1) The pressure in the sealed cabinet becomes smaller

(2) Calligraphy and painting paper products or bamboo and wood cultural relics will be blasted and destroyed due to pressure changes

(1) Deoxidizer, oxygen concentration test paper, humidity display test paper and special low oxygen permeability bags are all consumables

(2) The processing capacity is small, the processing of large cultural relics is complicated, and the labor management cost is high

(1) Manual nitrogen filling and manual humidification into the box, the process is inaccurate

(2) The processing capacity is small, the operation is complicated, and the labor management cost is high

  • Fire protection system: including fire compartment, fire door, temperature sensor and alarm device, fire extinguishing device
  • Monitoring system: including video recorder and access control management system
  • Dust-free space: including dust-proof floor, clean air