Manufacturing Specialized Warehouse Construction Planning

Our professional planning can help you solve all kinds of damp problems

In the manufacturing industry, whether it is a warehouse or a production operation environment, many temperature and humidity control equipment are used. Often due to lack of time or time cost considerations, it is often found that many equipment are not supervised and controlled. However, due to human negligence, the equipment will not be able to exert its benefits, or it will be impossible to quickly remove obstacles when encountering failures.

01 Solve the problem of pin oxidation or intermetallic growth caused by high temperature of baking dehumidification method and high temperature reduces the solderability of pins.
02 Solve the short circuit caused by the oxidation and corrosion of the circuit due to humidity, the thermal expansion and cracking of the components caused by the high temperature pressure of the soldering, and the separation and delamination of the plastic from the lead frame or chip.
03 Solve the problem of delamination of damp non-electronic materials such as printed circuit boards.
04 Solve the poor contact caused by the damp of the relay.
05 Solve various adverse phenomena such as damp LED components, resin separation (delamination) from the inside of the chip or lead frame, wire damage, chip damage, and dead lights caused by the reflow process.
06 Solve the problems of poor dehumidification efficiency of nitrogen cabinets and energy and cost waste caused by nitrogen loss
07 Solve the electrostatic damage and dust problems caused by low humidity environment.

Bossmen Environmental Control System - Rotary Air Conditioning and Dehumidification System

Special low-humidity system for special processing environment of factory or large space of material warehouse

In the processing space of many factories and warehouses where materials are placed, due to the special process or the humidity sensitivity of materials, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the entire space, or control the humidity. For this reason, Bossmen provides the most professional rotary air-conditioning system and humidity control system, so that large spaces can be maintained at the optimum constant temperature and humidity, especially in extremely low-humidity dehumidification environments.

Features of rotary air conditioning and dehumidification systems include:

(1) The temperature and humidity of the dehumidified air in a stable state can be controlled, and the minimum humidity can reach the dew point temperature of -55C. The specification calculation of the rotary air conditioner will simultaneously consider the air state, indoor volume, indoor load including personnel and lighting. , Wall thermal conductivity, personnel calorific value, outside air volume, indoor moisture source and latent heat load such as door and window openings.

(2) According to the diameter of the runner, it can be made into various models with different bearing capacities.

(3) Easy to maintain, it is the most trustworthy and most reliable humidity control system in the space environment.

The working principle of the rotary air conditioner and dehumidification system:

(1) The cylindrical runner is composed of a honeycomb structure, and then the dehumidification runner is made of a special crystallization method attached to the raw materials of hygroscopic agent (lithium, glue, zeolite, etc.).

(2) The dehumidification rotor rotates in the box which is divided into dehumidification zone and regeneration zone. The air used for dehumidification passes through the dehumidification zone, and the water in the air is absorbed by the rotor to obtain dry air.

(3) The dehumidification area after absorbing the water is moved to the regeneration area according to the rotation of the runner, and the water brought out of the runner by the regeneration heating air is discharged to the outside.

(4) The runner turns back to the dehumidification zone after releasing water in the regeneration zone, so that dehumidification and regeneration are carried out continuously at the same time, and stable dehumidified air can be obtained.