Patents and Certificates

patent certificate

1994 [Improved spring hook]: Design of energy-saving mechanism for humidity control valve
1995 [Dehumidifier for Drying Box]: Ultra-low humidity dehumidification system
1996 [Drawer type moisture-proof cabinet]: Safe load rail type adjustable up and down shelves
1997 [Dehumidifier drying box structure]: Design of heatless rapid dehumidification mechanism
1998 [Removable Hanging Tape Storage Rack]: Important Disk Mounting Accessories
1998 [Adjustable Distance Slider Shelf]: Adjustable image data hanger support structure
1999 [Power converter to eliminate radiation sources]: Electrostatic grounding system device
2000 [Fireproof and anti-theft cabinet pipeline pre-embedded structure]: Prevent flames from escaping from the power pipeline into the cabinet
2001 [Safe storage with dehumidification and moisture-proof function]: Special anti-theft and moisture-proof structure
2002 [Moisture-proof dehumidifier structure]: New type of green dehumidification mechanism design
2003 [Moisture-proof cabinet structure that can be fixed and pulled out]: double-structure positioning design
2003 [Dehumidification Box]: Specially shaped light-moving moisture-proof box
2003 Japanese Patent [Dehumidifier]: Improved Dehumidification System with Low Failure Rate
2003 [Dehumidification Box (1)]: Light-moving moisture-proof box with special shape
2006 [Rapid Dehumidification System], [Nitrogen Energy Saving Humidity/Oxygen Concentration Monitoring System] Patent
2007 Obtained the invention patent of Taiwan air drying device (patent period of 20 years)
2009 won the invention patent of China air drying device (patent period of 20 years)
2009 Obtained the invention patent of air drying device in the United States (patent period of 20 years)
2010 Patent Application for Hypoxia Humidity Control System
2016 [Double-door folio device]: Invention patent (patent period of 20 years)
2017 [Cooling chip device with high heat exchange rate]: Invention patent (patent period of 20 years)
2017 [Nitrogen humidification device]: Invention patent (patent period of 20 years)
2017 [alternating circulation humidification and moisture absorption device]: invention patent (patent period of 20 years)
2017 [Painting Board Device]: Invention patent (patent period of 20 years)
2018 [Display Cabinet Vertical Opening Device]
2018 [Display case with airtight opening mechanism]
2018 [Caster with anti-fouling cover]
2018 [closed dehumidification box]
2018 [Display case with pan-opening device]
2018 [Display cabinet with flip-up device]
2019 [Airtight Chamber with Movable Threshold] Invention Patent (Patent Period 20 Years)

Guild certificate

TPCA Taiwan Circuit Board Association membership certificate
Member of Taipei Instrument Business Association and Bid Comparison Certificate
Membership certificate of Taipei Photographic Equipment Business Association
No Walls - Member Certificate of Taiwan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering Industry Association
No Wall Interior Decoration Association Membership Certificate